Basis for quality assurance

Basis for quality assurance in trainings organised by the Estonia Training and Conference Centre

Continuing education institute OÜ Estonia Training and Conference Centre, registry code 12005971, is recognised by the Estonian Education Information System as a continuing education institute for adults under the number 178717.

  1. General provisions

1.1 OÜ Estonia Training and Conference Centre (hereby referred to as EKKk) carries out work-related continuing education based trainings for adults.
1.2 EKKk bases its work on the Adult Education Act, as well as instructional materials for continuing education institutes aimed at ensuring the quality of continuing education for adults, instructional materials for compiling syllabuses for continuing education based training and on the continuing education standard.
1.3 Continuing education based trainings are carried out in premises suitable for learning. In-house trainings are carried out in the client’s premises or at a rented space.
1.4 The trainings take place throughout the year The trainings are carried out on the basis of a trainings calendar.
1.5 The length of trainings is measured in academic hours. One academic hour is 45 minutes.
1.6 The trainings take place in a group setting. Individual trainings are carried out according to a syllabus based on the participant’s needs.
1.7 The trainings are in Estonian, Russian or English.
1.8 The trainings are carried out based on a timetable that can be found on the EKKk events website.
1.9 EKKk does not take responsibility for the health of the participants or any possible injuries.

  1. Ensuring the quality of the trainers

2.1 The trainings are carried out by highly qualified trainers and specialists who are experts in their respective fields and possess both theoretical
and practical professional experience.
2.2 The trainers are constantly improving themselves in their respective fields and training subjects.
2.3 EKKk does not take responsibility for any faults resulting from a trainer’s presentation skills.
2.4 EKKk judges the trainers’ qualifications, subject-related education and practical experience based on information provided by themselves as well as publicly available sources.

  1. Basis for ensuring the quality of the training syllabuses

3.1. The training syllabuses are compiled based on the needs of Estonian companies and the demand for continuing education in various professions. The syllabuses are original and relevant in their topics.
3.2 The feedback of past trainings are taken into consideration when compiling a syllabus.
3.3 The trainings are carried out according to modern teaching practices, and the individual needs and level of the training group are taken into consideration.
3.4 material used in the public syllabuses of EKKk:

the name of the subject
a brief description of the syllabus
aim of the training
learning outcomes
target audience
number of trainers
conditions for starting the training, if they are prerequisite for achieving the learning outcomes.
length of the training
learning environment
study method
list of study materials, if the training calls for the use of additional materials.
requirements for attaining a certificate
the availability of catering

  1. Quality of the learning environment

4.1 EKKk trainings always take part in training premises that meet modern requirements and standards. Continuing education based trainings can also be held in non-traditional locations, if the content and format of the training require it.
4.2 EKKk provides electronic training materials to all registered participants who have paid their training costs. If necessary, paper versions are provided.
4.3 Catering is provided by EKKk in their continuing education trainings. The number of lunch and coffee breaks depends on the length of the training. Precise details can be found under each training syllabus. Unless agreed otherwise, the price for internal trainings does not include coffee and lunch breaks.
4.4 Participants have access to internet in the training rooms.
4.5 The training rooms are equipped with modern training tools (data projectors, blackboards, markers, writing tools, note papers and others).
4.6 EKKk provides trainings for groups of varying sizes.

  1. Customer communication

5.1 Customer service is available in Estonian, Russian and English, depending on the customer’s needs.
5.2 EKKk’s contact information can be found on the website. In most cases, we reply to emails within 24 hours.
5.3 We also respond quickly through the EKKk Facebook account.
5.4 In case of any questions or complaints, we can be contacted via telephone at +372 608 0848, or by email at

  1. Procedure for collecting feedback from the trainings

6.1 After each training session, EKKk collects anonymous feedback from the participants about the organisation, rooms, catering, trainer and content of the training. Participants can make suggestions for raising the quality of the trainings. EKKk also asks for spoken feedback from the trainer immediately after the training.
6.2 Participants are asked to rate the training on a scale of one to five, and they are also asked open-ended questions to provide feedback on specific aspects of the training.
6.3 The feedback is utilised to make improvements to the syllabuses, trainers and training organisation, in order to enhance their quality.

  1. Privacy policy, processing of personal data.

7.1 EKKk terms of use and privacy terms can be found on our site HERE.

  1. Resolving disputes

8.1 In the event of disputes or disagreements between EKKk and a participant or trainer, the parties will seek to resolve the issue primarily through negotiation. If a consensus is not reached through negotiation, the dispute will be resolved according to the laws of Estonia.