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We can help you plan a long-term system of in-house training to guarantee consistent, multifaceted and sustainable development. Training is much more than just a way of passing on knowledge: it’s an opportunity to team-build, to inspire your staff and to provide them with experiences they’ll enjoy and remember.

In the case of in-house training we’re guided by your needs as an organisation and choose the trainer we think will best suit you. We start by mapping your needs and goals, as well as the problems you face.

The programme we put together is tailor-made for your company but can always be added to as needs change and developments arise.

In-house training also gives you the freedom to choose when and where the training takes place – you can choose the venue yourself, or we can suggest one that will work for you.

Note: All of the topics listed below can also be ordered as personal consultations.

Areas (This list is not exhaustive, but designed to serve as inspiration. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know what it is you have in mind and we’ll make you an offer.)

  • A big step forward in management (topics to be focussed on TBD in negotiation with the client as needed)
    ● Good management is more motivating than a high salary
     Informed management
    Commendatory management
    ● People-centred management and practical steps in implementing it
     How to be a sincere and inspiring middle manager
     From specialist to good manager of people
     How to establish working relations and a working environment that people trust
     How to boost efficiency using new types of management techniques
     How to handle people who are hard to manage and work against you
     How to manage and include introverts
     How to overcome fear of change in workers
     Modern time-management techniques
     A modern approach to conducting appraisals that focus on development
      Internal communication
     Modern and effective methods for motivating a team
     Managing change effectively
     Using LEAN management to make work processes more efficient
     How to use delegation to improve working relations and boost efficiency
     Personal management-based consultations (topics and volume TBD in the course of negotiations)
     Development and implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system

    These training topics are aimed at senior managers and middle managers (incl. HR managers and any managers with people working under them).

  •  Drawing up job descriptions
     Drafting rules of procedure
     Resolving conflicts and conciliation
     Development of a staff assessment system
     How to establish a modern and motivating payroll system
     A compassionate and legally correct approach to redundancies

    These training topics are aimed at HR managers and middle managers.

  •  Occupational safety training
     Measuring psychosocial risk factors and implementing a risk prevention system
     First aid courses
     Implementing the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system and aligning with it

    These training topics are aimed at managers, HR managers and specialists, middle managers, assistants, working environment specialists and representatives, members of working environment committees and quality managers.

  •  Paper-free digital accounting
     Training day to develop and enhance the competence of accountants
     Training day on income tax
     Training day on VAT
     Drafting annual reports and submitting them on the online reporting site
     Cash flow training
     The Estonian Accounting Standards Board guidelines in detail
     Taxes in different countries (training based on the countries in which the company operates)

    These training topics are aimed at finance managers, accountants and CEOs.

  •  What information and document managers need to know about the data protection law
     Using open data
     Digital archiving
     The transition from paper document management to digital management
     The secure destruction and deletion of digital data
     Encrypting documents
     The basics of organising services and information management
     Introducing a document management system
     How to ensure cybersecurity in a document management system
     ISO quality requirements in document management

    These training topics are aimed at document and information managers, office managers, secretaries, assistants, archivists and managers.

  •  Google Adwords training
     Social media training
     WordPress training
     HTML beginner’s course
     Excel training (various levels)
     PowerPoint training
     MS Office 365 training
     Data processing training
     Financial analysis in different programmes
     Project management using MS Project
     Using Prez software for presentations

    These training topics are aimed at specialists, finance managers, managers and anyone interested in the topics.

  •  How to establish a caring and friendly working environment
     Open communication for positive cooperation
     How to overcome barriers to communication
     Comprehending colleagues without words: understanding body language
     The skill of conveying negative messages
     Empathy and efficiency
     Asserting yourself
     How to work well with people with different personality types
     How to prevent tension arising between colleagues
     Interacting with negatively minded colleagues
     Coping with work stress
     How to ensure people are able to work effectively amid the noise of an open-plan office
     Managing your emotions the smart way
     Burnout and how to prevent it
     Fostering leadership skills
     How to convince and influence people
     Memory training
     How to better cope with emotional challenges in life

    These training topics are aimed at everyone interested in the topics and/or who feel they need to develop in these areas, as well as HR managers, middle managers, managers and anyone else who has people working under them.

  •  Interacting with difficult patients: how to keep calm and carry on in stressful situations
     Safe storage, preservation and protection of patient data and information
     Working life quality and coping with work stress
     How to stop premature aging, incl. the changes to take into account and how to adapt to them
     What to do to prevent the most common illnesses
     How to recognise initial signs of illness and where to seek help
     What sort of lifestyle will support people of this age both physically and mentally?
     Primary recommendations in working with children of pre-school age who have been diagnosed with ADHD
     How to support non-verbal or minimally verbal small children in the development of their speech
     Principles of working with children of pre-school age who are on the autism spectrum
     Methods of teaching and assisting children of pre-school age who require additional support

    These training topics are aimed at everyone working in the field of medicine.

  •  Interacting with an audience
     Public speaking and putting together presentations

    These training topics are aimed at everyone whose work involves public speaking and giving presentations.

  •  How to ensure a positive attitude among sales staff
     Eliminating excess stress from sales work
     The skills needed in modern customer service
     How to use sales to boost social selling
     How to achieve sales goals
     Tools designed to stimulate sales that actually work
     How to influence both rational and emotional purchase decisions
     Fostering skills and knowledge for successful telephone sales and meetings with customers
     Preparing for trade fairs, securing contacts at the event and building on them thereafter (consultation based on the company’s profile and the nature of the trade fair)

    These training topics are aimed at sales managers, sales reps, sales specialists, service managers and customer service staff.

  •  Training on how to secure goods
     The smooth and correct organisation of customs procedures
     Using LEAN management to make work processes more efficient
     Development and implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system
     Management of production processes
     Training on goods transport logistics

    These training topics are aimed at those involved in points along the transport chain, logistics specialists, hauliers, organisers of goods transport, expediters, warehouse managers and production and purchase managers.

  •  Document and archive management
     Digital archiving
     Internal communication
     How to work undisturbed by those who cause disturbances
     The skills needed by modern assistants
     How to manage documents in cloud services
     Protocol and etiquette
     Business correspondence: how to communicate with partners and what style to adopt

    These training topics are aimed at secretaries, manager’s assistants, office managers, general assistants, management board secretaries, HR specialists and others involved in admin.

  •  Sticking points in the processing of construction permits and solutions in practice
     Construction law matters pertaining to the use of solar energy and the erection of wind turbines
     Court practice in regard to contracts for services in the field of construction and practical advice to avoid problems
     Documenting construction and practical advice to avoid problems
     The construction sector vs local governments: what are LGs entitled and not entitled to demand?
     Mitigating risks in regard to construction contracts
     Notifying of use, applying for permits for use and problems related to both in practice
     Issues involved in dividing, merging and amending the boundaries of properties and solutions in practice
     The purpose of use of land and structures and how to amend it
     Legal matters pertaining to the construction of technical networks and structures and to the installation of technical devices
     Legal matters pertaining to the construction of movable small homes
     The legal basis of constructing in the sea and planned changes to the Building Code
     How to overcome zoning-related obstacles and to successfully complete zoning plans
     Effective use of BIM in everyday construction
     Assessing soil properties and suitability using calculation schemes in construction practice
     Piles and pile foundations: their load-bearing capacity and behaviour
     Stresses that affect buildings, the principles of their calculation and how they combine
     Reinforced concrete constructions and their calculation
     The special nature and mechanical properties of timber constructions and their calculation
     People management and effective negotiations in engineering work
     Drawing up construction schedules using Microsoft Project
     Liability (for design, construction, supervision, etc.) and insurance in construction

The Estonian Training & Conference Centre has been operating for more than 10 years. We not only offer a wide range of training topics, but also trainers – over the years we’ve worked with almost 3000 different trainers and presenters. We organise original training courses, in-house training, conferences, company events and special events (the biggest of which being the All-Estonian Company Christmas Party in Tallinn and Tartu, involving more than 2000 people). In addition to traditional training, we also offer courses outside of Estonia and arrange contact-making trips to varies countries. We organise training events and conferences in Estonian, Russian, Latvian and English. (

The Estonian Training & Conference Centre has been recognised by the Tallinn Convention Bureau, is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is a partner to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

The list of topics above is not exhaustive. We’re always willing to work with clients to put together a training programme to meet their specific needs.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Senior Event Producer
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