Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Eesti Koolitus- ja Konverentsikeskus OÜ, registry code 12005971, address Harju County, Tallinn, Kristiine District, Keemia 4, 10616 (hereinafter: EKKK) and the Client who places an order in EKKK’s online environment (www.eestikonverentsikeskus.ee; hereinafter: Online Environment) (hereinafter referred to as the Client), hereby enter into an agreement on the use of the Online Environment on the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy).

    1.1 EKKK organises public conferences, seminars, training and other events for organisations (hereinafter referred to as Events).
    1.2 The Online Environment is an online shop created and managed by EKKK, where Clients can register for Events and pay the participation fee (hereinafter referred to as the Fee) in euros.
    2.1 The Terms of Use apply when registering for Events and paying the Fee via the Online Environment.
    2.2 EKKK reserves the right to unilaterally amend and supplement the Terms of Use. Any changes to the Terms of Use will be communicated to Clients via the Online Environment.
    3.1 In order to make a purchase, the Client must submit an order (hereinafter referred to as the Order) in the Online Environment.
    3.2 In order to place an order, the Client:
    3.2.1 chooses a suitable Event;
    3.2.2 enters the required information (name, occupation, company, telephone number and e-mail address);
    3.2.3 ticks the box indicating their acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy; and clicks the ‘Sign up’ button, after which a confirmation of registration will be sent to the e-mail address of the invoice recipient.
    3.3 EKKK is not responsible for damage caused in fulfilling an Order due to incorrect data provided by the Client or for any other consequences.
  1. FEE
    4.1 The Client can pay for the Order either by invoice, bank transfer or credit card in the payment environments offered by EKKK as follows:*
    4.1.1 when paying by invoice, an invoice is sent to the Client’s e-mail address for the amount of the Fee, which the Client undertakes to pay by the due date and to the current account indicated on the invoice;
    4.1.2 when paying by bank transfer, the Client is redirected to the Client’s bank’s settlement environment. After paying the Fee, the Client must click on the ‘Return to merchant’ button;*
    4.1.3 when paying by credit card, the Client is presented with a choice of cards (Visa/Mastercard/Maestro), and if a suitable one is selected, the Client is redirected to the Maksekeskus environment.*
    4.2 The Client shall check that the Events, participants and prices reflected in the Order correspond to their actual wishes before payment.*
    4.3 The Fee is presented in euros and is subject to VAT.
    4.4 EKKK will e-mail the Client the Order confirmation and confirms that the Order is paid for. If there are any errors in the Order confirmation (unwanted Events, wrong participants, etc.), the Client is obliged to contact EKKK customer service immediately on +372 608 0848 or via e-mail at info@eestikonverentsikeskus.ee.
    5.1 Orders can be paid for using the methods indicated in the Online Environment (by bank transfer on the basis of an invoice or using a bank or credit card*). A service fee may be added to the price of the Order in accordance with the contract concluded between the Client and the issuer of the bank card or credit card.
    5.2 All refunds made by EKKK to the Client shall be made to the same bank account of the Client from which the payment for the Order was made.
    6.1 Withdrawal is possible up to 30 calendar days before the Event (100% of the Fee will be refunded to the Client) and partial withdrawal up to 20 calendar days before the Event (50% of the Fee will be refunded to the Client). The fee is non-refundable to the Client and the invoice is due if the Event takes place in less than 15 days.
    6.2 To withdraw from the Order, the Client shall submit a request to EKKK by e-mail (info@eestikonverentsikeskus.ee), indicating the name and date of the Event from which the Client wishes to withdraw and the name of the participant.
    6.3 Clause 6.1 shall cease to apply, i.e. the participation Fee shall not be refunded in case of force majeure, if the organisation of the Event is not possible due to force majeure. Force majeure is an unforeseeable circumstance beyond the control of the parties to the agreement, which could not have been influenced or prevented by the parties and which prevents the performance of the obligations under the agreement.
    7.1 EKKK and the Client shall be liable to each other for any damage caused to the other party due to a breach of the Terms of Use in the cases and to the extent provided for by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
    7.2 The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the Online Environment. If the Client submits incomplete or incorrect data, EKKK shall not be liable for the consequences caused by that and EKKK has the right to demand that the Client compensate for the damage caused by the aforementioned.
    Privacy Policy
    8.1 EKKK shall process the personal data provided by the Client in accordance with the requirements established in applicable law and always proceed from the interests, rights and freedoms of the Client when processing personal data.
    8.2 The objective of EKKK is to process personal data responsibly and in accordance with best practice.
    8.3 The following principles apply to all processes, instructions, operations and activities of EKKK relating to the processing of personal data:
    8.3.1 Lawfulness. There is a legal basis for the processing of personal data;
    8.3.2 Fairness. The processing of personal data is fair by requiring, in particular, that the Client is provided with adequate information on how the personal data is processed;
    8.3.3 Transparency. The processing of personal data is transparent for the Client;
    8.3.4 Purpose limitation. Personal data are collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and are not further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes;
    8.3.5 Data minimisation. Personal data are appropriate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. EKKK processes personal data based on the principle of data minimisation and if personal data are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected, the personal data will be deleted.
    8.3.6 Accuracy. Personal data are accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date, and every reasonable step is taken to ensure that personal data that are inaccurate, having regard to the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or rectified without delay.
    8.3.7 Storage limitation. Personal data are kept in a form that permits identification of the Client for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed.
    8.3.8 Integrity and confidentiality. Personal data are processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.
    Scope and bases for processing personal data
    8.4 The personal data to be processed are the data requested from the Client at the time of the conclusion of the agreement (name and surname, occupation, company, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account number*). EKKK processes the Client’s personal data for the purpose of organising the Event and selling the right to participate – the processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of an agreement entered into with the participation of the data subject.
    8.5 If the Client has agreed to the EKKK Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, EKKK shall also process the Client’s personal data for the purposes of forwarding marketing materials and offers. In this case, the legal basis for processing the data is the consent given by the Client.
    8.6 The data controller of the Client’s personal data is Eesti Koolitus- ja Konverentsikeskus OÜ, registry code 12005971, address Harju County, Tallinn, Kristiine District, Keemia 4, 10616.
    8.7 EKKK will not disclose the Client’s personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:
    8.7.1 to Mailbow OÜ, the provider of the e-mail forwarding service, in cases where EKKK forwards marketing materials and offers to the Client;
    8.7.2 to the developer of the Online Environment to the extent necessary to ensure its proper functioning;
    8.7.3 EKKK shall forward the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the processor Maksekeskus AS.
    8.8 In the cases set out in clause 5.1, the Client’s personal data shall be processed exclusively for the purposes of the organisation of the Event and the sale of the right to participate, and the processors shall ensure the same level of protection of personal data as EKKK.
    8.9 EKKK does not process the Client’s card data.
    Storage of personal data
    8.10 The personal data of the Client shall be stored:
    8.10.1 indefinitely, until such time the Client withdraws their consent to the extent that EKKK processes personal data for the purpose of sending promotional offers.
    Client’s rights regarding processing of personal data
    8.11 The Client has the right to contact EKKK (info@eestikonverentsikeskus.ee) at any time in order to exercise their legal rights:
    8.11.1 the right to request access to personal data concerning the Client;
    8.11.2 the right to rectification of data;
    8.11.3 the right to erasure of data;
    8.11.4 the right to restrict processing of data;
    8.11.5 the right to object to the processing of personal data;
    8.11.6 the right to request the transfer of personal data;
    8.11.7 the right not to be subject to a decision based on automated processing;
    8.11.8 the right to withdraw consent;
    8.12 If the Client has expressed their wish to receive EKKK’s newsletters and/or personalised offers, the Client always has the right to unsubscribe from them by clicking on the respective link indicated in each offer or by sending a notification to this effect to EKKK’s e-mail address info@eestikonverentsikeskus.ee.
    9.1 In case of questions or complaints, please contact EKKK customer service: Eesti Koolitus- ja Konverentsikeskus OÜ, e-mail: info@eestikonverentsikeskus.ee, phone +372 608 0848.

* Service available from 1 June 2018.